Plants are all chemists,
              tirelessly assembling the molecules 
                                                                     of the world.

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About Us

Jordan  is an "Artist of the Mud" creating beautiful and artistic earth ovens , as well as edible and medicinal landscapes. His primary focus on designing a landscape is "Environmental Responsibility" or Regenerative Design. Jordan believes that growing our own food can reconnect all with their "true medicine." What you eat is the health of your mind.  Spirit in our gardens tend to create abundance in all directions... 

Meleah  teaches clients about "Organic" in the landscape and the many ways we can all live simply. I'm very concerned  about about our food security and where our food actually comes from. How local can we really get "How about our yard" We can incorporate many varieties of edibles with a landscape. Why wouldn't you want to grow your own food is my question.......

Both Jordan and Meleah are experienced advocates of permaculture. Having  2 acres with a 
1000 sqft greenhouse enables us to have a teaching facility where we hold workshops for all ages, to show just how easy it is to grow a varieties of edibles., with a focus on exotic edibles and medicinals.  The potential to have beautiful edible landscapes is enormous. Educating our clients on the "how to" is where it all begins......              

We volunteer our time to educate the youth by working with public and private schools in SLO county. We have donated hundreds yards of Mushroom Compost to schools and community gardens in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara County. We encourage families to help eradicate the problem of NDD (nature deficit disorder). Many grew up playing in the woods then the Web. The children we see today have grown to be afraid of nature, it's a foreign world to them. Plant a seed with a child and their world changes..............THE PROBLEM IS THE SOLUTION

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